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The Revolution Era - Week One: RAW

Week One: RAW
RAW Commentary Team: Alex Riley, John “Bradshaw” Layfield, and Jerry “The King” Lawler
RAW General Manager: Vince McMahon

ALEX: Welcome to WWE Universe folks, and Welcome to Monday Night RAW. I’m your hostest with the moistest, Alex Riley, here with my sidekicks of the evening Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler, and the cowboy hat wearing millionaire, JBL.
JBL: It is good to be here under the rightful control of our CEO!
KING: I can actually admit to being happy to have old Vinnie Mac back here on RAW.
ALEX: Vinnie Mac. I like that! Now how about we get on with our jam packed show?
JBL: First up we got Jimmy Uso who’s without his brother tonight in a strange twist of fate,
ALEX: Not too strange. I talked to Jimmy earlier tonight and it seems like he’s wanting to branch out into singles competition.
JBL: Well I guess we’ll find out how well he does here tonight. He’s about to take on one of our newest stars, Sami Callihan. I don’t even know who this nutjob is.
ALEX: Well why don’t I tell you a little about him you Texas phoney. Sami Callihan happens to be coming to us from CZW. A crazy indie screen known for its Extreme matches. It’s actually where Dean Ambrose came from too.
KING: Isn’t Ambrose and Callihan good friends?
ALEX: They were once; guess we’ll see if friendship is stronger than Championships.


ALEX: What a win! Sami Callihan, ladies and gentlemen, could be a force to be reckoned with here in the WWE just you wait and see.
JBL: Now I know where I’ve seen that kid before. Our failed NXT kids. Never got out of that locker room. Guess I know why. Kid’s a beast!
KING: He sure does look like he’s got a chip on that shoulder of his. Wonder if it’s the pressure from having someone like Dean Ambrose as a friend.
ALEX: Whatever the case may be we got our tag division up next here. It’s been revamped after the return of our CEO, and we’re seeing a lot of our old school teams coming back together to get on the actions. Including Ziggler and Swagger!
KING: I told everyone Swagger wouldn’t put up with Cesaro and Colter for long.
JBL: Colter is too good for the likes of Swagger anyways.
ALEX: Yeah well it looks like our unmasked friends are back as well.
JBL: Now these two I knew were phoneys the moment I laid eyes on them! Colter did us a favor in exposing them.
KING: And they did us one by putting Colter out of his misery.
ALEX: Can we get on with the show guys, or do I need to separate you two… again?
JBL: Hey! What are those two doing here anyways? This is RAW not Smackdown.
ALEX: *sigh* I guess they wanna see what they can do against the Show Off and the All American American.


ALEX: See now that is such a disappointing lost for Ziggler. Maybe it’s time he finds a tag partner with as much talent as he does. I’m just putting it out there, but I am still fit to compete. Call me Zigs. We’ll rock that tag team biz.
JBL: Thought you and the Miz were tag partners?
ALEX: Ancient history J. Way ancient.
JBL: I don’t even know what to think of all this tag team action tonight. We opened the night with a member of a tag team in singles action, and now his brother is going to compete without him in a tag team match. And will you look at that! This has to be a first. Drew McIntyre’s here without the other clowns in 3MB. Is The Chosen One back?
ALEX: If he is, I pity whoever gets in his way. And will you look at that? Isn’t that another one of our NXT guys? Corey Graves… Now that is a shocker.
JBL: Certainly wouldn’t ever picture those two even getting along, let alone tagging together.
ALEX: You know Renee stopped Jey a little while ago and asked about this Uso split. Said he was done carrying Jimmy’s weight around and was going to find himself a better partner than his own brother.
KING: I think he mentioned a surprise… and BOY OH BOY is this a surprise!
ALEX: A vampire?!
JBL: He really pulled out a shocker here folks. That’s none other than Gangrel! That’s no ordinary vampire A-Ri. That’s the man that gave us Christian and Edge.
KING: Yes he did… Man what is Jey even thinking…
ALEX: Speaking of what people are thinking… Drew and Graves? Who ever saw that team coming? You couldn’t have two more different guys.
KING: No you really can’t. But they both have one thing in common.
ALEX: And what’s that?
JBL: Talent.


ALEX: Gangrel… wow. I did not expect that at all. History right there folks. He’s right out of that Attitude Era everyone’s always talking about and I got to witness his return tonight.  
KING: Jey was not fooling around with this choice for partner, that’s for sure.
JBL: So with this, is that the end of the Usos?
ALEX: Guess only time will tell. Now didn’t you two mention that Gangrel brought us Christian? Well speak of the devil and he shall appear… or something.
JBL: Captain Charisma himself! We haven’t seen him since Randy Orton took him out last year, but he’s looking better than ever.
KING: And pumped up to be back. Listen to this crowd! I don’t think anyone’s gotten that big of a reaction all night long!
ALEX: Justin doesn’t stand a chance against Christian. Kid should just cut his losses and head home.


JBL: I just can’t believe what we just watched. Christian gave it his all and Justin bleed for it, but it just wasn’t enough.
ALEX: Is Gabriel even human? How did he pull this one out?!
KING: Nice show of respect there by Justin but… Oh!
ALEX: Christian doesn’t want anything to do with that.
JBL: I don’t think we’ve heard the end of this one. Christian does not look happy.
ALEX: Happy or not. It’s time for our main event!
KING: It’s Sheamus’s big return and it’s not something to overlook. He’s been out for months thanks to that brutal Money in the Bank match.
ALEX: That’s right King, and if you folks at home thought that last match was brutal, a warning for this next one. A dog fight’s about to break loose.
JBL: No one ever knows what either of these two are going to do. Add a cage and pit them against each other? You’re just asking for trouble.
KING: This just proves that Vince McMahon is back with a vengeance. These are the types of matches you’d expect from our stone cold CEO. Giving the people exactly what they want. You’d never get this with The Authority.
ALEX: The facts remain; all bets are off with this one folks. Can Daniel Bryan take out Sheamus? Or will the returning Sheamus finally be the one to cut down DBry’s ego?


KING: That was something I never thought I’d see coming. Daniel Bryan managed to take out the Celtic Warrior.
JBL: Sheamus still hasn’t gotten up guys. Did he return too soon?
ALEX: There’s only one way to find out… Tune in next week folks. It’s bound to be a "slobberknocker" for sure. I’m Alex Riley for the Monday Night RAW team. Goodnight folks!

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The Revolution Era: LEAD UP

After almost a full year of The Authority running wild over the WWE universe, it was looking like we were seeing the final days of the WWE Universe. With the worst card in the history of the WWE booked for WrestleMania 30, it was looking like the historic night would be the last. Until a dark figure appeared to announce that the main event would now be a triple threat match for the WWE Championship. The anonymous power’s third participant was none other than CM Punk. Shocked, Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton tried to fight the decision, but in the end the match was set. WrestleMania 30’s surprise turn of events, lead up to CM Punk winning the WWE Championship and would be the beginning of the end of The Authority.

The following night on Monday Night Raw opened with CM Punk coming to the ring with a smile on his face. “It’s good to be the Best in the World.” He announced to the people of New Orleans who cheered for the champion without abandon. Punk announced he knew who the “Powers that be” were and was honestly shocked that he was their choice to save the company. During his promo, Triple H and Stephanie would come to the ring demanding to be told who was pulling Punk’s strings. Punk, in true Punk fashion, laughing in their faces and told them “No one tells the Best in the World what do to but the Best in the World.” With the cheeky answer, Punk ducked out of the ring and left the two former controllers of RAW to their anger.

To no one’s real surprise, The Authority tried their hardest to regain control of the WWE. Their first order of business was to publicly fire Michael Cole for his “disrespect” to The Authority during WrestleMania 30’s commentary. Cole left to loud chants of “This is Bullshit”, turning on the ramp to flip off Triple H and Stephanie, to receive a loud “Michael Cole” chant. Still their anger was not quelled and the two went on a rampage.

Their next target would be the Heavyweight Champion, John Cena. Who had managed somehow to retain his title through the months after his return, despite the efforts of Alberto Del Rio. Sadly on this night, Del Rio would come out on top, retaining his championship and leaving John Cena to the mercy of the shocking returned David Otunga, who took out frustrations on Cena with a chair to the back of the head. Leaving the former champ in a heap in the center of the ring.

Curtis Axel would be next, the man having been off and on in the past months due to injury. And even missing the biggest event of the year. Feeling no sympathy, The Authority announced a six man battle royal for the Intercontienal Championship. Outnumbered Axel was the first eliminated. The victor, to everyone’s shock and surprise was The Miz. Standing tall in the middle of the ring with his beloved IC title, The Miz claimed loud and proud to be back and more Awesome than ever.

Furious that their plans seemed to be falling to pieces bit by bit, Stephanie turned her rage towards the Tag Team champions. The brothers were put into a gauntlet match, defending their titles against every tag team that wished to compete against them. After even Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns failed to once again earn a victory it was looking like again The Authority would be thwarted. That was until a very familiar beat started, “OH YOU DIDN’T KNOW…”. Unable to compete with the returning New Age Outlaws, The Rhodes Dynasty lost. Upset by the turn of events, and blaming each other, Cody and Goldust would turn on each other, only to be broken up by a friendly face from jumping into the ring from the crowd. Ted Dibiase, had returned to become the voice of reason for the brothers.

With the way the night was going, many superstars and Divas alike were fearful of their own fate. AJ Lee, trying to flee the stadium before the wraith fell to her, ended up being caught unawares as Tamina clotheslined her and left her in the locker room. Tamina, silent as ever, walked from the arena and from the WWE for good. Having no Divas champion to compete that night, Stephanie stripped AJ of her title and announced a Divas battle royal to crown a new Champion. Except this one was an open challenge to any female wrestler. Answering the call were over 30 women from all brands of wrestling, including the returning Trish Stratus, Lita, Mickie James, and Maria. As the match went on it was looking as if Natalya was finally about to become the new Divas champion, when she stepped over the top rope as the last participant’s entrance music started. A returning Beth Phoenix raised the Divas Championship above her head as Natalya and her celebrated in the ring. The Divas of Doom were back.

Nearing the end of the night, everyone was on the edge of their seats. It was very clear to everyone that someone behind the scenes was over turning all of The Authority’s decisions and throwing very large wrenches into their plans. When they had finally had enough, Triple H and Stephanie returned to the ring to demand the person show themselves. Just before the show went off the air, a figure appeared on the titantron, laughing a laugh everyone in the WWE Universe knew and knew to fear. Vince McMahon had returned.

In the following weeks MORE changes than ever before surfaced within the WWE Universe.

It was no real news to anyone that Dixie Carter was going broke, and was being forced to sell TNA Wrestling. This opened the door that had been closed on one person after his horrific terrifying experience on top of the Hell in a Cell. Paul Heyman appeared on an episode of IMPACT and announced that HE was buying out Dixie Carter’s company. He offered contracts to any TNA superstar and knockout who wished to join him. What no one knew was that Paul Heyman was not acting alone. Being fueled with funds from Linda McMahon to give new life to the WWE, Paul Heyman would be made GM of IMPACT with the promise of delivering to Linda a NEW Best in the World, for when CM Punk officially retired later that year. Though several superstars stayed with TNA, others decided to cut all ties. This left Heyman with a dilemma as IMPACT now no longer had the roster to compete with Smackdown or RAW. With a few calls from some of the remaining superstars, Heyman was able to fill the roster up with enough Indie wrestlers to make a stand against the main shows. Though Heyman stripped the show of its abundance of titles, he kept the unique X-Division and the main event TNA Title. Along with turning the Knockouts over to Dixie Carter, who Linda McMahon promised her own show.

The promise was not made in vain. With the ultimate success of the show Total Divas, Linda knew there was money in Women’s wrestling again. Giving Dixie Carter the full rights to a new WWE TV show named for their reality program, they would breathe new life into the Divas division. With two new titles, including a Knockouts Championship and a Tag Team Championship, added to the Divas roster, the women of the WWE had more going for them then every before.

It wasn’t long before word got around about the new changes to the Smackdown roster, including the return of the prodigal son, Shane McMahon. Shane returned with gifts a plenty, including adding a NEW tag team championship for the Smackdown roster, and reinstating the Hardcore Championship. Shane’s gifts did not stop there. Along with the new titles appeared new and old talents alike. Coming out of retirement to claim to have been a part of this new ERA in the WWE; DDP, Mick Foley, Vader, and Val Venis joined the Smackdown team. But Shane wasn’t done there. Shane dipped into the injured list and discovered both Rey Mysterio AND Evan Bourne were medically cleared for action. Shane wasted no time in signing the two to his brand. But the biggest shocker came when out of nowhere Ken Shamrock announced his return to the WWE.

The revival of the WWE was on the upswing… but with the year just starting, what other surprises await the Superstars and Divas of the WWE?
Bunny Wan

The Revolution Era: PPVS

è  Extreme Rules (Smackdown and RAW)

è  Over The Limit (Smackdown)
è  Sacrifice (TNA)

è  Capitol Punishment (RAW)
è  Summer Lust (DIVAS)

è  Money in the Bank (Smackdown and RAW)
è  Destination X (TNA)

è  Summerslam (Smackdown and RAW)
è  Slammiversary (TNA & DIVAS)

è  Night of Champions (RAW & DIVAS)
è  Night of Champions (Smackdown & TNA)

è  Hell in a Cell (Smackdown and RAW)
è  Bound for Glory (TNA & DIVAS)

è  Survivor Series (Smackdown and RAW)
è  Hardcore Justice (TNA)

è  TLC (Smackdown and RAW)
è  Final Resolution (TNA & DIVAS)

è  Royal Rumble (Smackdown and RAW)
è  Genesis (DIVAS)
è  Elimination Chamber (Smackdown and RAW)
è  Death Before Dishonor (TNA)

è  WrestleMania (Smackdown and RAW)
è  Victory Road (TNA & DIVAS)
Bunny Wan

The Revolution Era: CHAMPIONS

WWE Champion: CM Punk
WHC: Alberto Del Rio
US Champion: Santino Marella
Intercontinenal Champion: The Miz
European Champion: Wade Barrett
Internet Champion: Zach Ryder
Tag Team Champions: R-Truth & Kofi Kingston
Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws
Million Dollar Champion: Ted Diabiase
Hardcore Champion: DDP
Television Champion: Jimmy Jacobs
Divas Champion: Beth Phoenix
Divas Tag Team Champions: Nikki and Brie Bella
Red: RAW
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Christian Alberto Del Rio Michelle McCool Kevin Steen
Daniel Bryan Big Show Velvet Sky Chris Sabin
Sheamus R-Truth Cameron Austin Aries
Chris Jericho The Rock Paige Bobby Roode
CM Punk Zach Ryder Naomi Sting
Wade Barrett Heath Slater Angelina Love Manik
Dolph Ziggler Santino Marella Brooke Tessmacher Alex Shelley
Undertaker Kofi Kingston Terri Runnels Bully Ray
Ted Dibiase Mark Henry Molly Holly Kazarian
Jack Swagger Randy Orton Sunny Christopher Daniels
John Cena Brodus Clay Maria Kanellis Michael Elgin
Kane David Otunga ODB Adam Cole
Justin Gabriel Epico Gail Kim Samoa Joe
Cody Rhodes Primo Rose Mendes Goldburg
The Miz Mankind Kaitlyn Jeff Hardy
Triple H Rey Mysterio Layla Matt Hardy
Shawn Micheals DDP AJ Lee AJ Styles
Stone Cold Tensai Natalya Sin Cara
Goldust Rakishi Nikki Bella Rodrick Strong
Gangrel Val Venis Brie Bella Ka$$ius Ohno
Drew McIntyre Chainsaw Charlie Eve
Jimmy Uso Damian Sandow Kelly Kelly
Jay Uso Ryback Alicia Fox
Brock Lesnar Antonio Cesaro Beth Phoenix
Edge Shane McMahon Kharma
Road Dogg JBL Lita
Mr. McMahon Vader Trish Stratus
Bret Hart Ken Shamrock Stephanie McMahon
Billy Gunn Dude Love Reby Sky
Kevin Nash Catcus Jack Mickie James
Roman Reigns John Cena Jimmy Jacobs
Seth Rollins Big E Langston Fandango
Dean Ambrose Booker T Tyson Kidd
Leo Kruger Evan Bourne Jinder Mahal
Colt Cabana Faarooq Bradshaw
Corey Graves X-Pac
TJ Perkins
Sami Callihan
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New Stuff!!!

It's been an interesting few days around my house.

I got an iPad 2, and my father just got his mini laptop working.

And now my father's about to sell our extra laptop, so he can buy an iPad 2 for himself. He just wants it so he can play Angry Birds. But whatever. If he wants to buy it he can... I did and I don't regret it. :D

I really got to get back into the swing of writing fanfiction... I have so many ideas in my head and I just don't have the will to write anything. It fucking sucks so bad. I'm bored (as my role plays are all but dead... minus the Marvel Prep game I'm in), and maybe getting back into writing will help me out a bit. In between working 45 hours a week and the 12 hours a week I've been sleeping. :/

Oh well... off to play some games on my computer. Will probably update this journal again in a few months. As I seem to forget one CAN actually do that sort of thing on LJ. Oops. :D

au_bingo Bingo Card #03

Giving it another try... this time with mostly Glee. Though I might through in some DC or Marvel. <3
Alt. History: Someone left Alt. History: Someone was never born spies / secret agents royalty / nobility aliens
the afterlife vampires Alt. Fandom: Musical Theater Alt. Fandom: Television mutation
production crew lawyers WILD CARD musicians adventurers
Alt. Fandom: Book dragons models deities / higher powers explorers
early 20th century activists apprenticeship "mirror verse" small town / village
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Bunny's Plot Bunny Prompt Meme!

Bunny's Plot Bunny Prompt Meme #1
So I got super bored and decided to do this. Hoping it helps get rid of some of the boredom that I've been dealing with lately.
How this is going to work:
Leave a comment with the following (your comment can be anonymous if you'd like)
- If you're a writer fill any prompt that catches your eye. This isn't just for me. Go have fun with it. Pimp it to your friends. Pimp it to comms... do whatever!
- You can write a drabble, chapter story, even one sentence style is welcome... heck even art is welcome!
- Leave a comment responding to the prompt with your story or a link to where your story can be found.

If you are prompting for me, please use only the fandoms listed below.
Criminal Minds
DC Comics
Marvel Comics
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(no subject)

So for people who I have not spoken to (like the folks at DCU6) I have come down with both the flu and then bronchitis back to back. It started Sunday (2/20) night and as it's now the 28th I have been officially sick for a week. I'm out of work until Weds unless I feel worse and have to get a note to be out until Saturday. Not real upset by that, as it's nice to finally be able to REST.

So in my new down time, I have started to marathon Criminal Minds season 5. So I can get caught up on it. I really missed this show. Like crazily missed.

So... back to my tv show. And maybe later some more fic writing. I need to get some more chapters done for my Big Bang crossover. Piper and Wally want to be in the story and are nagging at my brain. Which is amusing as I don't even HAVE a Wally muse. I blame Rasha for it. <3